Saturday, February 04, 2006

Still Tooting That Horn...

As many of you commented -- on and off line -- the Disaster Relief Agency is not our only well run charity. I know of two dozen or more that are very worthy and there have to be many times that number I haven't heard of yet. When it can be so easy to attack our church for this and that (and I have done that a few times) we need to remember that it is the body of Christ and is doing much good.

Give examples from your own personal knowledge. The Rochester church has a warehouse that distributes food and clothing to people all over the Detroit Metro area. Here are a few sentences from their last report, received today:

" In 2005, we assisted 3,389 families (13,274 individuals) and disgtributed 184,690 pounds of food... we had 650 volunteers... 2005 proved to be a year of breaking records and so far in 2006 we are breaking even more records. In January we helped 300 families which is our biggest January ever. We really need to remain focused in 2006. We need to remember why we exist. We are not helping to feed and clothe people for our own glory but for the glory of God."

few other churches help support this work and we are grateful to them. Brian and Lisa Cain, who run this work tirelessly, began it after the loss of their son. He was born with birth defects and they slowly and surely took his life. Rather than retreating, they moved forward and, with their two sons -- one profoundly handicapped -- they serve food, supply groceries, and manage a wearhouse full of good quality clothes, books, toys, and kitchen essentials to give to any who have need.

Brag about your brothers and sisters. Tell each other about God's Helping Hands (the charity I've been talking about here), the Disaster Relief Fund, Predisan and so many other good things done in the Name of Christ. We don't hesitate to point out problems. Let's take some time to rejoice at the good that is being done and at the fact that Jesus is getting the glory for it.

To God be the glory!


At 2/05/2006 03:35:00 PM , Blogger Jesse said...

Amen to that Patrick!

At 2/05/2006 09:20:00 PM , Blogger Keith Brenton said...

Can I brag about them as long as I'm typing with just my right hand? So my left hand doesn't know about it?

Or is that just when I'm bragging about me!?!?

Seems to me that if I'm bragging about somebody else who is letting Christ work through them, then I'm just relating the ongoing story of Jesus. Right?

At 2/06/2006 11:40:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are beginning a ministry called Angel Food Ministry. It is ongoing around the country and started, I believe, in Georgia.

You take orders from anyone for a box of grocies priced at $25.00. For that, you get meat, eggs, vegetables, bread and pasta. It changes each month but for that amount a family of four can eat well for a week. Senior citizens can eat for a whole month. There is no application, no search to see if you qualify.

The church in our area started out with 25 orders and now take over 500 orders each month. We are joining in that work and hoping to reach many lower income families that we can help in other ways as well. We plan to even support many families with whatever of the $25.00 they can manage and help them with the rest.

Just one way to reach out to the community.

At 2/06/2006 03:57:00 PM , Blogger Bill said...

I am in the Katrina area and I can't beging to list all the good I have seen our fellowship do over the past 5 months. I know in our little church of about 200, there have been a couple of million dollars worth of goods and services been given away. In cash, we have distributed over $350k to those in need. This has not come from us, because we were hard hit too, but it has come from brothers and sisters across the country.

Our churches can be proud of the way they have responded to such a tremendous disaster. I have begun writing about some personal experience with the storm and will be posting more soon. If any are interested:

At 2/06/2006 08:55:00 PM , Anonymous renee cutts said...

I'm ashamed that I can't remember the name of the church we are helping in the Gulf States, but it is a large church of Christ that had just built a new building prior to the storm, as it happened it was one of the few buildings that didn't sustain damage and became a lifeline for some of the hardest hit areas. We contributed towards their efforts as did many churches of Christ I know well over the million mark. There is another work in Trenton, NJ called Feed the Hungry that is an outreach to the poor and homeless that the churches in our area support. I wish I could quote statistics but I don't have a report sitting on my desk. There are others, such as a children's home called Timothy Hill that we join in supporting with other churches of Christ. I wish that we were able to do more as a congregation in our community, our pantry is feeding maybe a half a dozen families. Our congregation has a membership of about 180 but I think there is more we could do. Your congregation is an inspiration, maybe we will grow up and be like yours someday.

At 2/07/2006 05:55:00 AM , Blogger Laurie said...

The amount of good that can be done when people band together and pool the resources is amazing. I am not certain of any of the figures that came to or through our congregation, but I do know that we housed up to 50 at a time during the aftermath of both hurricanes. Probably, to me one of the neatest donations was beds from ACU. Our congregation provided all the hygiene supplies, bedding, towels and children's toys and games from their own homes, wallets and resources. The joy of helping others came back ten fold when instead of merely sitting around those staying with us cleaned the building for services on Sunday mornings. I suspect if you asked, the blessing was more on our congregation than on those helped.

Other areas of ministry our congregation funds and has people in the field performing: World Radio: where air time is purchased and local missionaries are trained to teach on the air. Radio reaches into areas with the gospel that we aren't allowed to travel. Amen Ministries which assists and ministers to those serving world wide in the armed forces. Relief ministries which assists world wide with relief efforts. We Care campaigns which are nationwide and into Central America reaching the lost and breathing life into the small dying churches across America. The home ministries are pretty neat too, with nearly 200 attending Celebrate Recovery this past Friday night. For anyone seeking to know more about any of these the website is:

However, the most important point of all of this telling is that it is God and not humans making the accomplishments. As anyone of us can say: without God it is impossible.


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