Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Spirit At Work

Last Sunday I celebrated my fifth anniversary as the preaching minister for the Rochester Church. I am supremely thankful that the Lord allowed me this opportunity. This is a remarkable congregation full of people with a real heart for the Lord. That was evidenced by last weekend's flurry of service and sacrifice.

On Saturday, over a hundred volunteers staffed our warehouse of clothes, food, toys, and household items called God's Helping Hands. GHH has garnered national attention with an interview on NPR last year. This year, on this one day, over 330 families were fed, clothed, and supplied with gifts for Christmas. Volunteers were on site before 8AM and didn't leave until the last person was served at 10:45PM.

While this was going on, we also had a funeral and a wedding, two social events at Rochester College... and a concert by Bar12 of Soul Space, our ministry to the corners and shadows of our culture. The tattoo shop will open at the end of this month, Lord willing, but a cash infusion was desperately needed so the boys -- Josh Turner and Lance Handyside -- did a concert at the church building. We heard tunes from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Ben Harper, and Stevie Ray Vaughn all done in Bar 12's unique and powerful style. Our crowd was tiny due to all the other events going on (including the biggest religious event in the area -- the Michigan/Ohio State football game) but so far nearly $4000 has been raised. Praise God!

This was our Harvest Sunday. We have been falling behind on our budget and found ourselves in a deep hole. Some of this is because of the economic climate of Michigan (49th in the nation and falling), some because our people are mainly new and not quite into the giving habits of older Christians, and, to be honest, because we lost some good givers when we decided to be more free and aggressive in reaching the lost. The elders asked the people to double their normal giving on this day. That would have given us around $42,000 but they gave just under $55,000! Wow.

Plus... we have a Family Fund that helps our members in case of emergency (job loss, burial expenses, etc.) that we like to keep at around $5000. It was completely empty so we placed giving baskets on the stage and in the foyer and asked people to also consider giving to that fund. They gave an additional $16,290 on top of the Harvest giving.

These are new Christians, by and large. Many were unchurched before they came to us. A great number are young couples, some with children, who live paycheck to paycheck. The elders and staff were stunned at their faith and committment to Harvest Sunday... but that wasn't the end of it.

We asked people to bring non-perishable food items and coats, hats, scarves and gloves in very good condition so that they could be distributed in downtown Detroit that very day. They filled the stage with them! Cars and vans were crammed full of goods and, on a snowy day in Detroit, our people pulled up outside the worst homeless shelter in the area and spent the afternoon feeding and clothing all there. They also listened to them and learned from them. Take time to visit Josh Graves and Kara Graves' blogs (links on this page) as well as Courtney's blog at to hear some incredible, heart warming and heart breaking stories that took place on last Sunday afternoon.

What a wonderful congregation, full of the Spirit, dedicated to Christ and willing to lay everything down for Him. It has been an honor to be with them for five years. When people (who know me and know I hate cold, wet weather) ask me why I moved to Rochester when I could have gone anywhere, I admit that the weather is awful (sometimes) and that there isn't much scenery... but everytime I walk into the doors of this building and see what is going on I remember why I am here and why nowhere else looks nearly as warm and sunny as Rochester Church.

Thank you, Jesus. I didn't deserve the gift of coming to this place, but your grace made it happen. THAT'S what I'm thankful for this year.


At 11/23/2006 12:43:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You said, "your grace made it happen". Amen and Amen!

I wish every coC preacher would be required by their congregation to hang out at a church like yours for at least 7 days.

God's grace is growing in our fellowship!

Grace and Peace,
Royce Ogle

At 11/24/2006 11:50:00 PM , Anonymous John Telgren said...

Thanks -giving. I think many have forgotten that this is the appropriate AND biblical way to show thanks. It sounds as if your group had a lot they were thankful for.

At 11/26/2006 06:36:00 PM , Blogger Stoogelover said...

Love reading about the ministry there!

At 12/03/2006 12:20:00 AM , Anonymous TinaMarie said...

It is always wonderful to hear how Christ is working in the lives of others. The individuals who worship with you are such an example of what we all should be about.

At 12/07/2006 11:56:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Patrick, I am happy that you think of your church as warmly as you do. But I just read your other blog on faith and there seems to be little evidence of faith in this blog. What’s up with that?

You shared a wonderful testimony to what God is still doing at Rochester. It sounds like you have a lot of wealth there with a lot of generosity. So, why was that level of generosity surprising to the elders or the staff?

Don’t y’all know your flock?

Why did you expect so little from the flock that you were surprised? Did you expect God to fail you when you prayed for the congregation to be generous that Sunday? Oh, or was there no extended prayer by your elders and staff over this opportunity?

You said, "we lost some good givers when we decided to be more free and aggressive in reaching the lost." I doubt that. I think you may have missed the target on that one. A desire to reach the lost rarely causes people to leave. A lack of faith-drenched leaders with passion and direction causes people to leave. Reaching out to the lost that do not look like the current church causes people to leave. Not having good communication causes people to leave. Not knowing the flock causes people to leave. Having leaders who lack integrity cause people to leave. Bad preaching and irrelevant Bible classes cause people to leave. But being aggressive toward the lost? What does that mean?

God has a sense of order and priorities. He sends in the 'Power Rangers' and 'old men with sticks' if he knows they will be used and be useful. Maybe some left because they didn't feel used or needed...or maybe they just felt “USED”, if you catch my meaning.

Leaders are able to inspire and be influential by having a living relationship with Jesus AND demonstrating a life of tangible service/sacrifice TO the families of a church, AND KNOWING the flock. Talking points, programs without leaders’ participation, and a lack of faith in the faithful [or in the Lord] will not produce sustained fruit.

Sorry for being so negative and long, but I saw what I saw in your account of that day of giving.

I wish you well.

longtime CofCer


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